• Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Business Administration in Management.
  • former Port City Kiwanis Member
  • Master Gardener from ISU
  • former Newsletter editor for Worthwhile Dirt
  • former Program Director, Youth Volunteer Corp
  • President of Muscatine Branching Out




Quote of the day.

I consider each day a new adventure, an opportunity to learn and try something new.  

The pay check is providing technical analyst work for Bridgestone on bluetooth printers, industrial handhelds, iPads, proprietary software, and over the phone training.   

Formal education was in Accounting and Small Business Management.  I am continuing to take classes in IT and web development and design.

In my spare time I enjoy designing my garden space and planting growing things.  I have added 7 trees to my property and many different plants.  This is my first year growing a pumpkin plant with the beautiful yellow flowers. 

House remodeling and repairs seems to be an on-going hobby that consumes time and energy.  I am not sure how much I enjoy the doing, but I do enjoy the finished product.